EDAL Conf 2014 - Workshop: Understanding the Best Interests of the Child in the CEAS - Nadine Finch

Nadine Finch is a barrister at Garden Court Chambers and a part-time Judge of the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) UK. Nadine specializes in Human Rights and Immigration & Asylum Law. Since her call to the bar of England and Wales in 1991, she has represented a large number of women and unaccompanied or separated children, a significant number of which have been trafficked to the UK. She is presently completing some research into the treatment of separated and trafficked children in need of refugee protection, which was funded by the John D, and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and which has been directed by Jacqueline Bhabha from Harvard University and Mary Crock from Sydney University. She was a contributor to the Fifth & Sixth Editions of Macdonald’s Immigration Law and Practice and co-author of Putting Children First: A Guide for Immigration Practitioners (LAG). Nadine is the UK Consultant on an EU Commission Project - CONNECT - Identifying Good Practices in, and Improving the Connection Between Actors Involved in Reception, Protection and Integration of Unaccompanied Children in Europe (2013-2014). Nadine is author of ‘Immigration Practice and Procedure in Family Proceedings’ (2013) Jordan Publishers.

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