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Italy: Withdrawal of Dublin transfer to Latvia on the grounds of systemic deficiencies violating human rights

Thursday, October 17, 2019

On 17 October 2019, the Tribunal of Rome withdrew a decision relating to a Dublin transfer to Latvia due to well-founded risk of inhuman treatment upon return.

Before arriving in Italy, the applicant spent nine months in Latvia where he claims that he was forced to live in a closed facility without access to legal support while his asylum proceedings were ongoing.

Greek Appeals Committee: Subsidiary protection status granted to Venezuelan family

Friday, February 7, 2020

The 7th Appeals Committee recently delivered a decision on the international protection needs of a family of Venezuelan nationality.

Communicated cases against Greece (Application No. 65275/19), the Netherlands and Italy (App no. 48062/19), Russia (App No. 48352/19), and Sweden (App No. 50449/18)

Friday, February 7, 2020
  • W.S v Greece (Application No. 65275/19): The applicant is an unaccompanied child from Afghanistan. He complains that due to his status as a minor and his health conditions that he was subject to inhuman and degrading treatment contrary to Article 3 ECHR. He also complains that the treatment of his asylum request violated his rights under Article 8 (1) ECHR.

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Country of Decision: Italy , Country of Applicant: Mali , Keywords: Accesso effettivo alle procedure, Domanda inammissibile, Informazioni sul paese di origine , Date of Decision: 13-09-2018

Il comportamento omissivo o il ritardo dell’autorita’ amministrativa non puo’ ostare al diritto del ricorrente ad ottenere il riesame della sua posizione alla stregua del mutamento delle condizioni del Paese di origine dell’applicante.

Country of Decision: Italy , Country of Applicant: Iraq , Keywords: Accesso effettivo alle procedure, Domanda inammissibile, Ricorso effettivo (diritto a un), Valutazione di credibilità , Date of Decision: 18-09-2018

In mancanza di norme europee circa le modalita’ procedurali relative alla presentazione e all’esame della domanda di Protezione Internazionale, lo Stato Membro deve dsciplinare tali modalita’ garantendo che il godimento di diritti conferiti dall’ Unione Europea non sia nella pratica impossibile o eccessivamente difficile

Country of Decision: Italy , Country of Applicant: Iraq , Keywords: Condizioni di accoglienza, Pena o trattamento inumano o degradante, Richiesta di ripresa in carico, Trasferimento su base Dublino , Date of Decision: 28-09-2018

Le carenze sistemiche nella procedura di asilo e di accoglienza in Bulgheria impediscono il trasferimento previsto dall’Articolo 3 del Regolamento di Dublino (Reg. n. 604/2013).

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