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Here you will find resources from United Nations, Council of Europe bodies, NGOs and  international and national organisations dealing with asylum and human rights issues which could be relevant to decision makers and legal practitioners.

Keywords: Admissibility of applications; Exclusion from, cessation of and withdrawal of protection or protection status, Safe country of origin
Category: Documentation, European Union
Resource date: 23-03-2016
Keywords: Actor of persecution or serious harm, Actors of protection, Refugee Status, Well-founded fear, Inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Membership of a particular social group, Persecution (acts of), Persecution Grounds/Reasons, Sexual orientation
Category: Documentation, International Commission of Jurists
Resource date: 19-02-2016
Category: Documentation, NGO
Resource date: 29-01-2016
Keywords: Assessment of facts and circumstances, Previous persecution, Inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Persecution (acts of), Sexual orientation
Category: International Commission of Jurists, Documentation
Resource date: 15-01-2016
Category: Documentation, NGO
Country: Austria
Resource date: 08-01-2016
Category: European Union, Documentation
Resource date: 15-12-2015
Keywords: Procedural rights and safeguards, Effective access to procedures, Effective remedy (right to), Legal assistance / Legal representation / Legal aid, Personal interview, Procedural guarantees
Category: Documentation, NGO
Country: Ireland
Resource date: 02-11-2015