UK: Upper Tribunal orders Secretary of State for the Home Department to admit four asylum seekers in Calais to the UK

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In a landmark decision by the Upper Tribunal on 20 January 2016, it has ordered the Secretary of State for the Home Department to admit four asylum seekers, currently residing in the ‘Jungle’ in Calais, to the UK, with a view to determining their applications under the Dublin III Regulation. The four applicants are nationals of Syria, including three unaccompanied minors and the adult dependent brother of one of them, who suffers from mental health problems. Each has a brother in the UK who has been recognised as a refugee. The Tribunal heard evidence on the trauma suffered by the applicants in Syria, as well as in Calais, due to the dire humanitarian conditions at the ‘Jungle’ camp.

The judicial review challenge was based on the argument that the applicants should have their asylum applications processed in the UK based on the family unity provisions of the Dublin III Regulation. This would require them to apply for asylum in France, and the French authorities to request the UK authorities to ‘take charge’ of their applications. However the Upper Tribunal judges accepted the argument that these provisions were not functioning as they should due to bureaucratic failings, thereby preventing the applicants from accessing the UK in a safe and legal manner. Evidence of a written claim for asylum in France would be sufficient to prove that the applicants had initially sought safety there, with no need for them to wait for the French authorities to act. The UK government must now admit the applicants to live with their siblings while their asylum claims are being assessed under the Dublin Regulation.

The ELENA Weekly Legal Update would like to thank Charlotte Kilroy for providing us with a copy of the order. Further information on this case will be shared once the full judgment is available. 

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