Italy: Recognition of refugee status to a victim of human trafficking from Edo State, Nigeria

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

On 6 November 2019, the Tribunal of Rome ruled on the recognition of the refugee status to a woman victim of human trafficking because of the well-founded risk of re-victimization in case of return to the country of origin.

The applicant decided to leave Nigeria after the killing of one of her sons and her husband by a rival cult in Benin City. After she was put in contact with a woman who promised to help her to reach Europe and find a good job in exchange for a large sum of money. In Libya, the applicant was harassed multiple times and forced to prostitution. Once in Italy, the applicant received multiple threats as she refused to cross the border to France as promised. 

The Tribunal found the story of the applicant consistent with the situation reported by EASO on human trafficking in Edo State. The judge highlighted that even if the trafficking experience was currently over, the risk of persecution and re-victimization in case of return to Nigeria was well-founded in light of the applicant’s gender and origin. For these reasons, the Tribunal recognised the refugee status of the applicant.
Thank you to Francesca Zalambani, Legal Assistant at ECRE, for assisting us with the summary. Based on an unofficial translation by the EWLU team.


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