EN - Law 4375 On the organization & operation of the Asylum Service, the Appeals Authority, the Reception& Identification Service, the establishment of the General Secretariat for Reception, the transposition into Greek legislation of Directive 2013/32/EC

On the 16th of June, the Greek Parliament approved an amendment (L 4399/2016) to its asylum law (L 4375/2016), modifying the composition of Appeals Committees and the right of asylum seekers to be heard in appeals against negative decisions.

The Appeals Committees will now consist of two judges of the Administrative Courts, appointed by the General Commissioner of the Administrative courts, and one UNHCR representative. A representative from a list compiled by the National Commission of Human Rights may take part in the Appeals Committees if UNHCR is unable to appoint a member.

In addition, the amendment has removed Article 62(1) of L 4375/2016, which allowed the appellant to request a personal hearing before the Appeals Committees at least two days before the appeal. This reinforced the general rule of examinations of appeals sur dossier, previously discussed in the AIDA report on Greece.

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