ECtHR - Communicated case: Frison v. Russia (application no. 57614/17)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

On 26 June 2018, the European Court of Human Rights communicated the case Frison v. Russia (application no. 57614/17), which concerns a French national who is married and has a child with a Russian national. In June 2016, the applicant applied for a temporary residence permit before the Russian Consulate General in Strasbourg in order to reunify with his family in Russia. This request was refused by the Russian Federal Migration Service on the basis of Article 7(1)(1) of the Foreigners Act (threat to national security). The applicant was not given a copy of the decision or the reasons thereof. On appeal, he was informed that his refusal was based on a letter from the Federal Security Service, but was not given any information about the specific content of that letter. His subsequent appeals were all refused. The applicant complains under Article 8 ECHR that the Russian authorities’ refusal to grant him a temporary residence permit violated his right to respect for family life as it was based on undisclosed information and that the domestic courts failed to duly assess its adverse effect on his family life.

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