AIDA/ECRE report: Admissibility, responsibility and safety in European asylum procedures

The Asylum Information Database (AIDA) has published a new report regarding the admissibility, responsibility and safety in European asylum procedure. The report documents the limited and fragmented application of admissibility and safe country concepts in 20 European countries.
Chapter I discusses conceptual challenges related to the fragmentation and categorisation of asylum seekers into different asylum procedures, followed by a statistical overview of procedures, including the application of the Dublin system and relocation. Chapter II examines national asylum procedures on the practical application of admissibility, namely the criteria and processes underlying the “first country of asylum” and “safe third country” concepts, and provides an update on the implementation of the Dublin system and the emergency relocation scheme.
A final part draws conclusions and sketches out recommendations to European countries and EU institutions for the development of protective, streamlined asylum procedures in the EU and beyond.

Based on the AIDA article dated 18 April 2016, available here

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Admissibility of applications; Exclusion from, cessation of and withdrawal of protection or protection status
Assessment of Application,
Procedural rights and safeguards,
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