France - CRR, Plenary session, 25 June 2004, Mr. B., n°446177

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Date of Decision:
CRR, SR, 25 juin 2004, M.B., n° 446177
Additional Citation:
Commission des recours des réfugiés, Sections réunies, 25 juin 2004, M.B., n° 446177
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Refugee Appeals Board/Commission des recours des réfugiés (CRR)
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Having regard to the security situation which prevailed in the area of Chlef, the CRR did not consider that the Algerian authorities were, at the time, able to provide protection against the persecution inflicted by Islamic armed groups. Furthermore, given the impossibility of finding employment and the constant fear of being forcibly returned to this area, it was not reasonable to consider that Algiers constituted an internal protection alternative.


Mr. B., an applicant from Algeria, was affiliated with an Islamic prayer group in 1990 in the region of Chlef. From 1995 on, he was threatened and pressurised by his peers to join an Islamic armed group. He fled to Algiers in July 1997 and then returned to his village in 1999. He received death threats and he narrowly escaped a murder attempt. The police advised him to hide. He escaped to Algiers again and then left Algeria in May 2001. He applied for asylum to the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (Ofpra), which rejected his application. He challenged this negative decision before the Commission des Recours des Réfugiés (Refugee Appeals Commission) (CRR/CNDA).

Decision & Reasoning: 

Regarding protection provided by the authorities, the CRR/CNDA considered on the one hand, that the Algerian authorities must be considered as unable to provide protection to the applicant against the threats imposed on him by armed Islamists between 1995 and 2000. In addition, the security conditions which still prevailed in the area of Chlef did not enable the Court to consider that these authorities would currently be able to provide such protection against the persecution feared by the applicant in case of return to his country of origin.

Regarding internal protection, the CRR/CNDA noted on the other hand, that the applicant was able to reside in Algiers without any fear of being persecuted or suffering serious harm. However, the CRR/CNDA considers that, given the conditions in which he lived, in particular the impossibility finding employment and the constant fear of being forcibly returned to his region of origin, it would not be reasonable to expect him to stay in that part of the country.

The CRR/CNDA concluded that the applicant qualified for refugee status.


Refugee status was granted to the applicant.

Other sources cited: 

Article 2 of the amended Law from 25 July 1952 relative to the right of asylum.