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The Netherlands: Council of State rules on Article 1F exclusion and ‘present threat’ in the Citizenship Directive

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The central question considered by the Council of State in this judgment was whether the applicant posed a ‘present threat’ within the meaning of Article 27(2) of the Citizenship Directive.

France: Council of State finds that border controls with Italy do not violate the Schengen Agreement

Monday, June 29, 2015

Three NGOs urgently challenged an unpublished decision, dated 11 June 2015, of the French Interior Minister in establishing border controls for migrants on the French-Italian border, before the French administrative court, the Council of State.

Belgium: President of Labour Court orders FEDASIl to extend material assistance to refused asylum seeker

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
This case relates to an Iraqi national who claimed asylum in Belgium in 2011 which was definitively rejected in 2012. He made a second claim for asylum in 2013 which was rejected by the Commissioner General for Refugees and Sateless Persons (CGRS) in 2014 on the basis that his account was contradictory and raised doubts as to the credibility of his fear of persecution from ISIS.

Latest Cases

Beslutande stat: France , Sökandes ursprungsland: Niger , Nyckelord: Évaluation des faits et des circonstances, Évaluation individuelle, Situation personnelle du demandeur, Garanties procédurales, Responsabilité de l'examen de la demande, Transfert Dublin , Avgörandedatum: 22-06-2015

Le Tribunal Administratif de Nantes affirme qu’en raison de la situation délicate et évolutive prévalant actuellement en Italie, la décision de transfert d’un demandeur d’asile dans ce pays doit être prise avec une ‘grande prudence’, après  un examen complet et rigoureux de conséquences du retour pour l’intéressé. 

Dans le cas d’espèce, à cause de l’absence d’un tel examen, la requérante obtient l’annulation de la décision de la préfecture, sur son retour en Italie et renvoie pour réexamen auprès des autorités préfectorales compétentes.

Beslutande stat: France , Sökandes ursprungsland: Niger , Nyckelord: Dublin Transfer, Assessment of facts and circumstances, Individual assessment, Personal circumstances of applicant, Procedural guarantees, Responsibility for examining application , Avgörandedatum: 22-06-2015

The Administrative Court judged that a full and rigorous examination of the consequences of transferring the applicant back to Italy is required, given the delicate and evolving situation in the country. As this was not done the prefecture’s decision to refuse to examine the asylum application and send her back to Italy was annulled. The case was remitted to the prefecture for re-examination. 

Beslutande stat: Czech Republic , Sökandes ursprungsland: Iraq , Avgörandedatum: 01-06-2015

The Prague Regional court quashed a Dublin transfer decision in respect of a family of four Yazidi adults to Bulgaria. Firstly, the court held that the Ministry of Interior had paid insufficient consideration to whether the Bulgarian asylum system ensures adequate health care for one of the Applicants, suffering from a psychological disorder. Secondly, the court found that the Applicants were not subject to personal interviews in the proceedings concerning their Dublin transfer, thus violating their right to a fair trial. 

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