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Netherlands: Case C-601/15 (PPU) Raad van State urgent preliminary reference on detention, the Reception Directive, and the EU Charter

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Administrative Law Division of the Raad van State has sought an urgent preliminary ruling from 

Czech Republic: ECtHR grants interim measure to prevent Article 3 violation regarding detention of family with minors

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This interim measure relates to an Afghan family consisting of parents and four minors, who were detained at the Bělá-Jezová Detention Centre for irregular entry into the Czech territory.

Nils Muižnieks submits third party intervention in N.D. v. Spain (no. 8675/14) and N.T. v. Spain (no. 8697/15)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

This case, currently pending before the ECtHR relates to two applicants who allege being refouled to Morocco by the Spanish authorities in Melilla.

Latest Cases

Land van besluit: Poland , Land van herkomst: Ukraine , Trefwoorden: Internal armed conflict, Internal protection , Date of Decision: 01-12-2014

The Voivodeship Administrative Court found that the conflict in Ukraine is not an armed conflict as defined in the provisions  relating to the grant of subsidiary protection. Even if the applicant was attacked by some persons he did not know, his obligation was to seek assistance in his country of origin, even if obtaining assistance would seem illusory and not realistic.

Granting refugee status is not justified by the living conditions or economic situation of the applicant, but only by the existing fear of persecutions in the country of origin. The state and regional authorities help internally displaced persons (IDPs) in organizing a new life undertake all efforts to ensure housing and assistance to IDPs from the southern and eastern part of the country in western and central Ukraine

Land van besluit: United Kingdom , Land van herkomst: Eritrea, Iran , Trefwoorden: Dublin Transfer, Inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Material reception conditions, Procedural guarantees, Reception conditions , Date of Decision: 19-02-2014

The Supreme Court held that a person who is resisting a Dublin  transfer to the Member State responsible for processing the applicant's asylum claim need not show that there is a “systemic deficiency” in that Member State’s asylum system, rather that the conditions in that Member State would expose the person to inhumane and degrading treatment as prohibited by Article 3 ECHR. 

Land van besluit: Czech Republic , Land van herkomst: Cameroon , Trefwoorden: Detention, Inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Return , Date of Decision: 27-10-2015

The case concerns inhuman and degrading treatment by police officers during deportation, including the use of tear gas. The Constitutional Court found a violation of Article 3 ECHR in substantive as well procedural limb. 

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