• The European Court of Human Rights has found that removal of Uzbek/Tajik nationals from Russia would violate Article 3 ECHR, due to the two countries' unimproved criminal justice system and lack of convincing assurances by the two governments.


  • The Court of Justice has found that for a subsidiary protection beneficiary’s action to be deemed inadmissible due to lack of sufficient interest, the rights and benefits granted must indeed be the same as those the applicant would enjoy if they held refugee status, even if the difference only encompasses ancillary rights.

  • The Court of Justice of the EU found that there is no explicit obligation for Member States to issue a decision on their own responsibility under Dublin III, nor a requirement for reviewing authorities to examine Dublin considerations ex proprio motu.



  • The Court of Justice of the European Union has delivered its judgment on a preliminary ruling concerning the correct processing of applications for international protection lodged separately by family members and the interrelationship between them.

  • The Court of Appeal recently ruled that the detention of foreign nationals pending their removal under Dublin III was unlawful due to lack of a definition for risk of absconding in domestic law, with damages being the appropriate form of remedy.


Latest News

The Netherlands – The Hague Court decides on suspensory effect of appeal against rejection of asylum request

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

On 10 October, the District Court of The Hague ruled in a case concerning the application for provisional measures pending the decision on an appeal against the rejection of an asylum claim.

The case concerned an Algerian national who was refus

Finland – Supreme Court decides on minor returns and the duty of authorities to conduct safety assessment

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

On 23 October, the Finish Supreme Court ruled on the possibility to return an unaccompanied minor to Iraq, where his family resided.

The Finnish Immigration Service had rejected the minor’s application for international protect

The Netherlands – The Hague Court rules in a case of a Ukrainian national of Roma background

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

On 10 October, The Hague Court in the Netherlands ruled on a case concerning the safety of a Roma applicant in Ukraine.

The case concerned a Roma woman of Ukrainian nationality, claiming that she was facing difficulties in Ukraine due to her et

Latest Cases

Country of Decision: Italy , Country of Applicant: Unknown , Keywords: Competenza per l'esame di una domanda di asilo, Condizioni di accoglienza, Trasferimento su base Dublino , Date of Decision: 07-07-2016

È illegale trasferire un richiedente asilo ai sensi del regolamento di Dublino in un paese, in questo caso la Bulgaria, dove le condizioni di accoglienza sono in conflitto con l'articolo 4 della Carta dei diritti fondamentali dell'UE.

Country of Decision: Italy , Country of Applicant: Unknown , Keywords: Diritto di rimanere nell'attesa di una decisione (effetto sospensivo), Garanzie procedurali, Trasferimento su base Dublino , Date of Decision: 27-09-2016

Le carenze sistemiche nella procedura di asilo e di accoglienza in Ungheria sono tali da impedire il trasferimento previsto dal regolamento di Dublino sulla base dell’articolo 3 del predetto regolamento.

La motivazione della sentenza deve essere esaustiva e non può basarsi su un'unica fonte, qualora altre siano disponibili.

Country of Decision: Italy , Country of Applicant: Unknown , Keywords: Accesso effettivo alle procedure, Obbligo di motivare, Trattenimento , Date of Decision: 09-04-2015

Qualora la Questura desideri prorogare il provvedimento di trattenimento presso un Centro di permanenza temporanea è necessario che al ricorrente sia garantito il rispetto del principio di contraddittorio.

Nel caso in cui il ricorrente sollevi un’eccezione in merito alla violazione del suo diritto al contradditorio, è necessario motivare circa le ragioni che ostano al suddetto accoglimento.

In caso contrario, il provvedimento di trattenimento è nullo.

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