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UK Upper Tribunal rules on authorities’ investigative duties to verify family link and right to effective remedy following rejection of take charge request

Thursday, July 19, 2018

On 19 July 2018, the UK Upper Tribunal ruled on case MS (a child by his litigation friend MAS) v. Secretary of State for the Home Department, which concerned a 17-year-old Afghan who, having fled Afghanistan and reached Europe where he lived in destitution, is now in children’s accommodation in France. In June 2017, he lodged his asylum application in France and submitted evidence, including photographs and evidence of financial support, to demonstrate the family relationship with his brother, who lives in the UK.

Netherlands: national authorities wrongly applied Returns Directive instead of Dublin III Regulation in case of absconding

Friday, June 29, 2018

On 29 June 2018, the Council of State ruled in case 201800622/1/V3, which concerned an appeal brought by an Albanian national against the District Court decision’s not to annul the return decision and entry ban imposed on him. The applicant applied for asylum in Belgium in December 2017 and travelled to the Netherlands, where he was stopped by the police, detained and subjected to a return decision followed by an entry ban.

France: National Court of Asylum must take into account all provided documents and must motivate reasons to set a document aside

Thursday, June 21, 2018

On 21 June 2018, the French Council of State ruled in case no.

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Pays dans lequel la décision est prise: Luxembourg , Pays d’origine du demandeur: Algeria , Mots clés: Mineur non accompagné, Évaluation de la crédibilité , Date de la décision: 21-06-2017

La présomption de minorité ne joue pas si un test osseux atteste la majorité du demandeur et que le médecin en charge n’émet aucun doute à ce sujet. Le tribunal n’exige pas la conduite de nouveaux tests.

Pays dans lequel la décision est prise: Luxembourg , Pays d’origine du demandeur: Kosovo , Mots clés: Pays d'origine sûr , Date de la décision: 16-06-2017

Si le demandeur provient d’un pays « sûr », alors il doit prouver qu’il n’existe aucune protection au sens de la Convention de Genève dans ce pays, sinon sa demande sera rejetée. 

Pays dans lequel la décision est prise: Luxembourg , Pays d’origine du demandeur: Nigeria , Mots clés: Orientation sexuelle, Protection interne , Date de la décision: 27-06-2017

La pénalisation de l’homosexualité et des agressions à domicile constituent des indices conduisant à l’existence d’une persécution. Or, si elle n’est qu’apparente, alors la fuite interne reste une possibilité en cas d’abandon de l’activité en question.



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