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EDAL Conference 2014: Reflections on the Current Application of the EU Asylum Acquis

Registration has now closed. A big thanks to supporters, speakers and participants for an engaging and successful Conference!

Conference supporters: Conor Ó Briain Solicitors; Daly Lynch Crowe and Morris Solicitors; KOD LYONS Solicitors; and S. Bartels & Co. Solicitors[1].

Video recordings of the plenary sessions are now available! Use the playlist at the top left of the video below to scroll through each presentation and choose which to watch or just press play and watch from start to finish!


Plenary and workshop papers from the Conference (where available) can now be accessed below.

Plenary papers

Mr. Justice Bernard McCloskey, President of the Upper Tribunal, Immigration & Asylum, UK - ‘The Lisbon Charter on Fundamental Rights:- an Asylum Dimension’

Dr. Cathryn Costello, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, UK - 'The ECtHR and CJEU as Refugee Law Courts: An Assessment’

Bernard Dawson, Judge of the Upper Tribunal, Immigration & Asylum, UK - ‘Judicial use of country of origin Information in asylum appeals’

Workshop papers: Reception conditions, socio-economic rights and human dignity

Dr. Liam Thornton, University College Dublin, Ireland

Véronique Planès-Boissac, Consultant, France

Aikaterini Drakopoulou, Greek Refugee Council

Workshop discussion notes

Workshop papers: Understanding the best interests of the child in the CEAS

Dr. Ciara Smyth, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Nadine Finch, Garden Court Chambers, UK

Workshop discussion notes

Workshop papers: Asylum seekers’ right to an effective remedy in EU law

Dr. Cathryn Costello, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, UK

Dr. Marcelle Reneman, VU University, Netherlands

Luc Lebeouf, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Workshop discussion notes

Workshop papers: Sexual orientation, gender identity and human dignity in the asylum acquis

Sabine Jansen, COC-Netherlands

Peter Jorro, Garden Court Chambers, UK

Judith Ruderstaller, Helping Hands, Austria

Workshop discussion notes


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The Conference Programme can be downloaded here.




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