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About Resources

Resources available on EDAL include EDAL Country Overviews, asylum legislation from countries participating in the project, asylum case law,* documents referenced in the “other sources cited” section of EDAL Case Summaries, as well as important European and International legal instruments.

*note the section 'Case Law' does not contain EDAL Case Summaries - only original decisions.

Resources listed on EDAL are not exhaustive, we aim to build on the content and promote and share new resources as they become available.

Resource Categories

Access EDAL Resources by using the filters visible on the right which are categorised according to the following headings:

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Resource Category is further divided into:

Case Law

This section generally contains cases which are cited in the summaries (this section does not contain EDAL case summaries but original judgements).


Here you will find resources from UNHCR and other United Nations bodies, the ICRC, NGOs and other international and national organisations.


Contains the subcategories National Legislation, European Instruments and International Instruments.

Country Overview

EDAL Country Overviews were prepared by the National Experts who completed the Case Summaries. The overviews provide information on the legal framework of the relevant countries asylum system.

Support documents

This section contains documentation setting out how EDAL case summaries are identified and created and on the Database's keywords.