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Netherlands: national authorities wrongly applied Returns Directive instead of Dublin III Regulation in case of absconding

Friday, June 29, 2018

On 29 June 2018, the Council of State ruled in case 201800622/1/V3, which concerned an appeal brought by an Albanian national against the District Court decision’s not to annul the return decision and entry ban imposed on him. The applicant applied for asylum in Belgium in December 2017 and travelled to the Netherlands, where he was stopped by the police, detained and subjected to a return decision followed by an entry ban.

France: National Court of Asylum must take into account all provided documents and must motivate reasons to set a document aside

Thursday, June 21, 2018

On 21 June 2018, the French Council of State ruled in case no.

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Country of Decision: Denmark , Country of Applicant: Somalia , Keywords: Actor of persecution or serious harm, Country of origin information, Medical Reports/Medico-legal Reports, Persecution Grounds/Reasons, Revocation of protection status, Subsidiary Protection, Torture , Date of Decision: 08-06-2018

The complainant, a Somali Citizen and a Sufi Muslim from Jaameel Sheen, Hiiraan Region, Somalia, had been detained and tortured by al-Shabaab due to teaching English.

Based on a consistent account in accordance with a medico-legal report from a torture investigation and country of origin information the Board found the applicant profiled in relation to al-Shabaab.

The applicant was granted subsidiary protection under the Danish Aliens Act Art. 7 (2).

Country of Decision: Denmark , Country of Applicant: Somalia , Keywords: Burden of proof, Duty of applicant, Relevant Documentation, Relevant Facts, Subsidiary Protection , Date of Decision: 01-12-2017

The complainant is a Sunni Muslim from Mogadishu, Somalia. In July 2015 the Danish Immigration Service decided that his subsidiary protection status under the Danish Aliens Act. Art. 7 (2) had lapsed according to the Danish Aliens Act Art. 17 (1) and (4). The Refugee Appeals Board did not consider that the Danish Immigrations Service had lifted its burden of proof according to the Danish Aliens Act Art 17 (4). Consequently, the Board granted the complainant continued subsidiary protection under the Danish Aliens Act Art. 7 (2).  

Country of Decision: Switzerland , Country of Applicant: Afghanistan , Keywords: Dependant (Dependent person), Detention, Dublin Transfer, Family member , Date of Decision: 26-04-2017

The Federal Supreme Court rules that the separate detention of families with minor children and the placement in a children’s home violates the right to family life in Art. 8 ECHR, if less intrusive measures than detention have not been taken into consideration.

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