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Committee of Ministers decisions on the execution of asylum-related judgments

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Committee of Ministers adopted a number of decisions regarding the execution of the ECtHR judgments during its 1288th meeting (6-7 June 2017).

France: Unlawful detention of asylum seeker in the absence of objective criteria to determine intention to “delay or frustrate the enforcement of the return decision”

Monday, May 22, 2017

On 22 May 2017, the Administrative Tribunal of Toulouse gave its ruling in case 1702143 concerning the administrative detention of an Albanian national who claimed to have reached France on 2 May 2017 and who was stopped by the police three days later and detained pending his removal from the French territory.

France: Administrative Tribunal of Paris quashed a Dublin transfer to Italy of an applicant undergoing medical treatment

Monday, May 22, 2017

On 22 May 2017, the Administrative Tribunal of Paris gave its decision in joined cases 1708106/8 and 1708107/8 regarding a Sudanese family who applied for asylum in France and had a pending Dublin transfer to Italy. One of the applicants is currently being treated for hepatitis B in France.

Latest Cases

Country of Decision: United Kingdom , Country of Applicant: Pakistan , Keywords: Actor of persecution or serious harm, Best interest of the child, Child Specific Considerations, Family member, Refugee Status, Relevant Facts, Return , Date of Decision: 26-04-2017

Following the careful examination of International, European and domestic law, the Court concluded that the grant of refugee status supersedes any order made by a Family Court (regarding the return of the child to Pakistan), because it is the Secretary of State for the Home Department  that is the entrusted public authority to deal with asylum matters.  However, were the Family Court to discover new facts, the relevant public authority would be responsible, in principle, under the tenets of UK Administrative Law to review their decision. 

Country of Decision: United Kingdom , Country of Applicant: Albania , Keywords: Assessment of facts and circumstances, Persecution Grounds/Reasons, Refugee Status, Sexual orientation, Unaccompanied minor , Date of Decision: 09-05-2017

This case dealt with the issue of whether the Supreme Court’s four-stage test for the determination of sexual orientation asylum claims, set out in HJ (Iran) and HT (Cameroon) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (“HJ (Iran)”), still held good, specifically the third and fourth stages which draw the distinction between those who would conceal their sexual orientation and whether the material reason for that is fear of persecution or for other reasons.

Country of Decision: Cyprus , Country of Applicant: Iran , Date of Decision: 14-11-2016

The Defendant faced two charges, that of a ‘prohibited immigrant’ and of illegally entering the Republic of Cyprus, whilst at the same time he had applied for asylum. With the aid of effective legal representation, he was found not guilty on both charges. 

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