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Netherlands: Court of the Hague recognises traditional marriages in Eritrea as legally valid

Monday, August 7, 2017

On 7 August 2017, the Court of the Hague published its case no. 16/26926 concerning the application for a “permission for provisional stay” of an Eritrean national who was married through a traditional ceremony in Eritrea to another Eritrean national, who is currently a refugee in the Netherlands.

Italy: Tribunal of Bari condemns government for damaging the reputation of the municipality due to the conditions at the Centre for Identification and Expulsion

Thursday, August 10, 2017

On 10 August 2017, the Tribunal of Bari condemned the Italian Government for damaging the reputation of the city and province of Bari due to the inhumane and degrading treatment afforded to detainees at Bari’s Centre for Identification and Expulsion. The Government was sentenced to pay a compensation of over 30 thousand euros.

CJEU: Request for a preliminary ruling from the Administrative Tribunal of Malmo (Sweden), C-404/17 A

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The main proceedings concern a Serbian national who applied for asylum in Sweden on 12 March 2017. In 2003, the applicant reported a militia group to the police resulting in legal proceedings against several members of the group and, for that reason, was the victim of violent threats.

Latest Cases

Country of Applicant: Algeria , Keywords: Return , Date of Decision: 26-07-2017

The CJEU ruled that the period of application of an entry ban under the Return Directive begins to run from the date on which the person concerned has actually left the territory of the Member States.

Country of Decision: United Kingdom , Country of Applicant: Nigeria , Keywords: Child Specific Considerations, Individual assessment, Membership of a particular social group, Non-state actors/agents of persecution, Persecution (acts of), Personal circumstances of applicant, Real risk, Refugee Status , Date of Decision: 24-11-2016

This case dealt with the extent to which in the case of a child the prospect of discrimination could amount to a real risk of persecution sufficient to found a successful asylum claim in a situation where a comparably placed adult would not be at such a risk. 

Country of Decision: United Kingdom , Country of Applicant: Congo (DRC) , Keywords: Assessment of facts and circumstances, Best interest of the child, Child Specific Considerations, Family member, Family unity (right to), Return , Date of Decision: 27-11-2013

In deciding extradition cases, the best interests of the child, although a primary consideration, could be outweighed by other interests, in this case effective immigration control. The impact of the family's extradition on the interests of the children was judged proportional, if weighed against the Zoumbas' appalling immigration record and the fact that the family could be removed without serious detriment to the children's well-being. Important guidelines were given for the decision of cases involving the welfare of children.

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