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United Kingdom: Age Assessment Based on Appearance Ruled Unlawful

Monday, June 20, 2016

The UK High Court has ruled in AA v Secretary of State for the Home Department on the unlawfulness of the Home Office policy allowing to treat an unaccompanied asylum seeking child as an adult “if their physical appearance/demeanour very strongly suggests that they are significantly over 18 years of age

United Kingdom: UK Supreme Court - Preliminary Reference to the CJEU on the Qualification Directive

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
On the 22nd of June, the UK Supreme Court referred the following question to the CJEU:
“Does article 2(e), read with article 15(b), of the Qualification Directive cover a real risk of serious harm to the physical or psychological health of the applicant if returned to the country of origin, resulting from previous torture or inhuman or degrading treatment for which the c

Netherlands: Hague District Court – Dublin Transfer Not in the Best Interest of the Minor

Thursday, June 9, 2016
In an interim judgment of 9 June 2016, the Hague District Court ruled that the State Secretary of Security and Justice failed to consider the individual circumstances of the asylum application of a child by rejecting his application based on the Dublin Regulation.

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Country of Applicant: Armenia , Keywords: Armed conflict, Discrimination, Final decision, Freedom of movement (right to), Internal armed conflict , Date of Decision: 16-06-2015

When due to security reasons an individual cannot be allowed to return to his home where he has lived most of his life, the State has to adopt any other available positive measure to restore his property rights or to provide him with compensation in an appropriate time. Otherwise a violation of both Art. 8 of the Convention and Art. 1 of Protocol No. 1 may occur. 

Country of Applicant: Russia , Keywords: Country of origin, Final decision, Protection, Trafficking in human beings, Visa , Date of Decision: 10-10-2010

Trafficking in human beings falls under the prohibition of Art. 4 of the Convention.  Consequently, state parties have the positive obligation:

  1. to adopt an adequate and comprehensive legal framework to combat this criminal offence;  
  2. to undertake protective measures whenever the authorities are aware or ought to have been aware of a serious risk of a person being subject to trafficking;
  3. and to appropriately  investigate situations of potential trafficking. 

Country of Applicant: Cyprus , Keywords: Armed conflict, Discrimination, Effective remedy (right to), Family unity (right to), Final decision, Health (right to), Inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, International armed conflict, Nationality, Persecution Grounds/Reasons, Race, Religion , Date of Decision: 10-05-2001

Turkey’s continual and severe failure to carry out an effective investigation into the circumstances of disappearance of Greek-Cypriots, who were at the time under the control of its agents, constituted a violation of Articles 2,3 and 5 of the ECHR. The circumscription of freedom of movement, religion and association of Greek-Cypriots in Northern Greece constituted violations of Articles 9 and 10 and the continual violation of Article 1 Protocol 1 by virtue of preventing Greek Cypriot owners from having access to, control and use of their property was also found by the Court.

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